LaserMax CenterFire Kahr

Lasermax Centerfire Laser Kahr Left Side

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Manufacturer’s Description

The LaserMax CenterFire Kahr is a red laser sight designed to mount to the frame of Kahr pistols without changing out parts or altering your weapon. It sits just under the bore of your pistol for the highest possible accuracy while preventing your finger from blocking the beam. Other features include:

  • Lasermax Centerfire Laser Kahr Left SideAmbidextrous activation for right or left-handed shooters;
  • a 5mW constant red beam that is factory alligned at 10 yards; 
  • Controlled Activation with a distinct on/off switch that activates the laser only when needed; and
  • a lithium battery that provides more than 5 hours of continuous use.

LaserMax says this laser is factory aligned and is user adjustable for windage and elevation. LaserMax provides a 1-year warranty and states you can install it in minutes. 

The Lasermax Centerfire Kahr laser fits the Kahr CM40, CM9, CW40, CW9, P40, P9, PM40, and PM9

MSRP: $129

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