Insight Technology M6X

Insight Technology M6X left front

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Manufacturer’s Description

The Insight Technology M6X is a rail-mount laser sight and tactical light. Features include:

  • A mode-select switch that allows you to choose between four modes, including off, laser only, light only or laser+light;Insight Technology M6X left front
  • an ambidextrous rocker switch that allows you to choose between steady on mode or momentary on mode;
  • a 125-lumen xenon light with adjustable focus;
  • a choice between three lasers, including a red, 650nm, 5mW laser; a green 5mW laser; or an 830nm, 600uW infrared laser;
  • a choice between rail mounts, including 1913 picatinny, universal, Glock-specific or Insight’s Rail Grabber; and
  • two lithium 123 batteries with 1.5 hours of continuous use with the light.

Optional backplates allow you to attach a contoured pistol remote or a rifle pressure switch. The contoured pistol remotes fit Beretta 92/96A, Caspian 45, Caspian 45C, GlockKimber 45, Springfield 1911, Springfield XD, SIG P228/P229A, SIG P228/P229R, S&W TSW and S&W 99 pistols.

Insight also offers optional flip-open or bikini-style lens filters. Models include a solid cap to block all light, an IR filter to provide visibility with night vision devices and a red filter to maintain night-adapted eyesight and reduce reflections off airborne particles.

The M6X measures 3.6″ long x 1.6″ wide x 2.1″ tall. It weighs 5.3 oz. with batteries installed.

You can adjust this sight for windage and elevation with an included hex wrench. Insight says the laser is waterproof to 66 feet for two hours. It’s backed by a limited one-year warranty.

MSRP: $219–$379
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